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Sunday, September 10, 2006

American Farrier's Association 2006 Mid-Year Board Meeting Complete

The American Farrier's Association (AFA) held its mid-year board of directors meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico this weekend. Hoofcare & Lameness did not attend but we have received a summary of events from our colleague Nancy Zwicker, editor of Farrier News in Washington State (and an AFA committee chairman). More news was provided by AFA acting executive director Mike Nolan.

According to Nancy, a general membership session was held on Friday night to ask AFA President Dave Ferguson questions about how the conversation was handled (and why) when former executive director Bryan Quinsey left the employment of the AFA.

In business matters, more than 30 proposed by-law changes were presented for vote. The big one, the re-organization of the Board to be representative of the paying membership rather than of individual chapters received more "yay" than "nay" votes, but was three votes short of the majority needed to be enacted. However, the change in the executive board, which adds a president-elect, gives the past president a vote, eliminates the position of secretary, etc. did pass.

The World Championship Blacksmiths' contest management company was approved as a chapter of the AFA.

Greg Burdette of Washington state has replaced Tim Quinn as the Board's representative to the Executive Committee. However, the new makeup of the executive committee does not include a board rep, so they will have to find a workaround for that problem.

A new liability insurance policy for chapter organizations was unveiled and was well-received, according to Nancy.

Watch for more news to be released from the AFA and (no doubt) corrections to this news. Thanks to Nancy Zwicker, who is chair of the membership benefits committee of the AFA, for her phone reports and thanks to Mike Nolan for verifying the facts and setting me straight.

Mike has posted more news at the AFA's site at

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