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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Favorite photo: How Big Was He?

farrier1, originally uploaded by Janey M.

Thanks to Janey M for sharing this photo of a farrier at the Colebrook Shire Horse Center in Cheshire, England. The photo was taken last week and she insists the farrier was not a small man. Sorry the farrier is not identified but he had a big, big job to do there!


polomare said...

He's 20hds if he's an inch.

I notice they wrap the feather to keep it out of the farrier's way.

Why don't they just cut it???

Crazy draft people and their love of feather, makes no sense to me!

Don't they realize there' snakes livin in all that hair??? Clip it off!

Anonymous said...

because it might be a show horse?

Anonymous said...

Or it could be done so he can see the hair line. This is what I will be doing the next time I trim the draft I am working on. I don't want to cut the hair away.