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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New York Veterinarian Dead Following Head Injuries from Horse Mishap

,Veterinarian John Steiner has died in the hospital in Albany, New York. As reported here last week, he was injured while performing services at the Rhinebeck Equine practice in Rhinebeck, New York. Dr. Steiner suffered massive head injuries. Scroll down to read more about this tragedy in last week's posts.

Rhinebeck Equine has posted a biography of John Steiner. He had recently moved back to New York to his family's farm after many years living and working in Lexington, Kentucky as a reproduction-specialist veterinarian.


Anonymous said...

Dr Steiner you touched everyone who meet you

Anonymous said...

Just so people know Doctor Steiner wasn't kicked in the head by the horse it pushed him and he fell on the ground hitting his head.

Anonymous said...

I work on a farm in Rhinebeck and i talked to vet's from Rhinebeck Equine about what happened and they said that the stallion he was working on bumped him and he fell over and hit his head on the ground.

I would like to know if anyone has information that disputes this fact. What is the source that reported that he was kicked by the horse?

Family Member said...

Dr. Steiner was attempting to collect and hold the stallion, the horse bumped into him and he fell back onto the concrete and had massive brain damage because of the force at which he fell.