Sunday, May 25, 2008

Friends at Work: Lauren Carey Aces Farrier Apprenticeship, Wins Worshipful Company's Essay Contest

Lauren Carey DipWCF is a rookie farrier in England. She's just completed her four-year apprenticeship, as required by the Farriers Registration Act, and is launching her own business in Peterborough, a city north of London.

What sets Lauren apart is that she has excelled in her training and recently was named the national first place winner in the Worshipful Company of Farriers' essay competition.

Farrier instructor Alan Woodyatt said of Lauren: "I have been involved with the Diploma exam students for 18 years and she was very nearly the best student I have taught for the anatomy written paper and 'hands-on' horse assessments."

And that is very high praise, indeed!

Congratulations, Lauren!

Read all about Lauren and how she earned her rewarding new career in this British newspaper article.

PS It's interesting to see that Lauren is shown working with the horse's foot on an American-style hoofstand. Not too many years ago, when Welshman Tommy Williams ran the farriers college program in the UK, hoof stands were banned and he used to rant and rave about how farriers shouldn't learn to shoe with a stand. They weren't allowed in farrier competitions, either. Things must be changing (in a few small ways) in England!

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