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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Aintree Peoples Race "Jockey/Farrier" Had Never Sat on a Racehorse Before...

Welsh farrier Mark Galliers DWCF is counting the days now until he will be put to the test in the ultimate racing "reality show." The Welsh farrier was chosen as one of ten jockeys out of 3500 applicants to race in the People's Race on Grand National Day at Aintree in England. The catch: all had to be amateurs. The prize: Almost $200,000 to the charity of the winning jockey's choice.

Mark is farrier at the raceyard of trainer Evan Williams, who is coaching him and providing his mount. Mark's winnings--if he can beat the pawnbroker, the bricklayer, the fireman and other non-jockeys--will go to a Welsh children's charity cancer.

The race sponsor produced this video about the selection process and followed the green jockeys through their crash (sometimes literally) course at the British Racing School in Newmarket.

You can place a bet at Ladbrokes OTB online; click through sports to racing to Grand National and then look for "Peoples Race." I'm not sure if you have to be in the UK to bet through Ladbrokes or not. The race will also be shown live on the BBC's telecast of the Grand National.

Here's a link to the latest reports on Mark's campaign to become super-fit and psyched to win:

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