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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Take a Culture Break: Driftwood Horses to Admire

It's Sunday morning. Take a break. Sit back and admire some fine, fine artistic endeavors. Marvel at these driftwood and/or bronze horse constructions from sculptors Heather Jansch and Deborah Butterfield. But don't stop here, proceed to Heather's website and marvel even more. Her work is reminescent of another of my favorite sculptors, Deborah Butterfield, but Heather has incorporated much more depth of material and exaggerated gesture, creating horses that are less contemplative and eerily lifelike in their stop-action poses. In simplest terms, Heather fleshed out the legs. And got them right. But Deborah's work is sparer, more evocative of "every" horse than a three-dimensional portrait of a specific one.

Which sculptor's work do you prefer?

PS Heather makes the hooves out of copper immersion tanks.

Here's one of Deborah's sculptures:

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ArtyNess said...

Here's an inspiring article about her first driftwood horse, by Heather Jansch: