Thursday, April 12, 2007

"EQUINE PODIATRY" Textbook Will Be Published in May; Reserve Your Copy Now!

First Announcement!
EQUINE PODIATRY by Drs. Andrea Floyd and Richard Mansmann
Estimated price $125 plus $10 post in USA (subject to change)
Available in May 2007

DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive text covers not only shoeing, but also medical and surgical foot care. Starting with anatomy and physiology, this one-of-a-kind book then evaluates the foot’s pathological conditions (structural, developmental, and traumatic conditions in addition to laminitis), balancing and shoeing the healthy and diseased hoof, and ends with new directions in equine podiatry, written by cutting-edge researchers. Written by and for both vets and farriers, this book eases collaboration on proper care of the foot. (text supplied by publisher)

• Gross Anatomy: Structure and Function
• Biomechanics of the Equine Hoof
• Microscopic Anatomy and Physiology
• Hoof Nutrition
• Visual Inspection and Manual Evaluation
• Diagnostic Analgesia of the Equine Foot
• Diagnostic Imaging
• Developmental Conditions
• Pathologic Conditions of the External Hoof Capsule
• Pathologic Conditions of the Internal Hoof Capsule
• Chronic Heel Pain
• Laminitis
• Principles of Trimming and Shoeing
• Discipline-Specific Trimming and Shoeing
• Shoeing the Diseased Hoof
• Shoeing the Diseased Limb
• Digital Amputation and Prosthetic Management
• Preventive Footcare
• Client/Farrier/Veterinarian Relations
• The Future of Equine Podiatry
• Bibliography, Appendix, Index

NOTE: This book is being offered sight-unseen, based on the reputation of the authors and discussion with Dr Floyd. I am sure that a review and/or excerpts from the book will be posted on this blog and/or published in Hoofcare & Lameness Journal, but for now, this is the only information available. Dr. Floyd is a laminitis-specialist practitioner and founder of Serenity Equine Clinic in Virginia; I highly recommend her web site,

FORMAT: Hardbound, approx 8.5 x 11”, 480 pg, 650 photos, radiographs, and illustrations, 400 in color

DELIVERY TERMS: Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery in US.

PAYMENT: Visa/Mastercard accepted or mail a check, no invoicing. US funds only. Pre-payment required on all orders; charges initiated when books are ready to ship. Visa/Mastercard required to hold copies.

Foreign orders: Until the weight of the book is disclosed, we cannot estimate shipping costs or time. You can reserve a copy for immediate shipment and we will notify you of the postage if it is outrageous.

HOW TO ORDER: Fax (best method) orders to USA 978 283 8775. Telephone orders to USA 978 281 3222; voice mail available for orders: speak slowly and leave all relevant information. If calling from a cell phone, please leave contact information twice. We will try to confirm receipt of all orders. Email orders to

(Here's a sneak peak at a couple of the excellent illustrations from the book; double click on the image to enlarge.)