Thursday, April 12, 2007

Farrier Bill Crowder Has Died in Georgia

I just saw news of Bill Crowder's death on April 2; it is posted on the American Farrier's Association's web site:

Bill Crowder was vice-president of the Georgia Professional Farriers Association from 1992-93 and president from 1994-95; he operated a farrier school in the early 1970s. Bill worked as a farrier at the Olympics Games in Atlanta in 1996 as well as the Pan Am and Rolex 3-day events. In addition to his farrier activities, he was Past President of the American Cowboy Association.

According to the AFA: "Bill was very instrumental in the Georgia Professional Farriers Association even when he was not an officer. He held meetings and clinics at his shop. He strengthened the membership and got sponsors. He loved to teach or help other farriers. He didn't do it to gain credit for himself but only to help others become better farriers. Many of today's farriers have worked under Bill or have worked under someone who worked under Bill. Because of that, his legacy will continue. He is and will continue to be greatly missed."

Bill lived in Alpharetta, Georgia and has been a subscriber to Hoofcare and Lameness Journal since 1989. He was also involved in promoting Corona ointment for horses' wounds and I often saw him at trade shows around the country. He was always friendly, cordial and really interested in everything that was going on related to horses' feet and legs. I'll miss Bill. He was both professional and likeable--a magic combination that every one of us should emulate.

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