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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

12th Michel Vaillant Conference This Week in France

Here's what we are all missing in France this weekend. This is a fantastic lineup of speakers and subjects, including some familiar authors from Hoofcare & Lameness Journal. The conference is in Cluses, in the southeastern corner of France, if you happen to be reading this from Europe...or can catch the next flight.

Full details here.

Sorry about the translation, this is what they had written. A "phlebogram" is a venogram.

Friday March 16th

Roland Perrin (Vet - France):
The third phalanx in 3 dimensions.

Philippe Grandjean (Farrier -France):
Applications for sole protection grading

Marta Prades ( Vet - Spain) + Marti Sala (Farrier - Spain):
Points of view of the vet and the farrier concerning anatomy, biomechanics, radiographic diagnosis, surgery and shoeing.

Lorenzo d’Arpe (Vet - Italy):
Relationships between the Palmar angle and the Phlebogram - Preparation and presentation.

Francis Desbrosse (Vet - France) + Bernard Duvernay (Farrier - Swiss):
Importance of dynamic examinations in farriery: interest, procedure, limits.

Philippe Benoit (Vet - France):
Synergie of good cooperation between the vet, the farrier, the rider in top level sport.

Demonstrations, Workshops:

Glue-on aluminum shoeing.
Trimming cows.
Prescription shoeing workshop: aluminum and forced steelk.
Tool sharpening workshop
Tapping workshop
Bi-injection workshop

Saturday March 17th:

Jean Marie Denoix (Vet - France):
How ultrasound can help in treating tendon and ligament lesions

Philippe Benoit (Vet - France):
Analyzing movement with a high speed camera

Lorenzo D’Arpe (Vet - Italy)+ Xavier Moreau (Farrier -France):
Relationships between the Palmaire angle and the Phlebogram. Results and shoeing.

Henry Chateau (Vet-France):
Digital biomechanics- examples of farriery applications.

Nathalie Crevier (Vet - France):
A new process for measuring the superficial digital flexor tendon tension in horses in movement – application examples.

UMR of biomechanics and locomotory pathologies in horses, Maison Alfort (Henry Chateau, Laurent Pacquet, Nathalie Crevier-Denoix, Philippe Pourcelot, Bérangère Ravary, Sylvain Falala, Jean-Paul Valette, Jean-Marie Denoix):
Biomechanical assessment of the impact of equestrian surfaces on the equine locomotor system – Preliminary results in trotting horses.

Philippe Grandjean (Farrier-France):
Reading and interpreting hoof capsule deformations

Maximilien Brabec (Consultant - France):
Defending the value of your know how with your customers.

Aaron Gygax (Farrier - Swiss and Rood and Riddle USA):
Sports horses and glue-on shoes.

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