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Friday, March 16, 2007

Barbaro Death a Hoax? Conspiracy Theories Abound in Run-Up to April Fool's Day

Had a tough week? Snowed in again (if you live around here)? How about a good laugh? has a great story about Barbaro death conspiracy theorists.

Here are a few clips:

"On Tuesday, University of Pennsylvania criminologists, acting on a public petition, entered photos of Barbaro taken at the New Bolton Clinic only hours before his death into special face-aging software to determine what Barbaro would look like after two months. Results showed a remarkably similar-looking horse with a slightly longer mane."

"Despite the legions of fans who now believe Barbaro is alive and well somewhere in the U.S., others within the horse-racing community are quick to dismiss the theory, claiming that Barbaro was in fact assassinated after the Kentucky Derby, that the horse who raced in his place at the Preakness was an imposter, and that Barbaro's injury was staged by the government as part of a massive cover-up to divert the nation's attention from crucial domestic issues and the war in Iraq."

Here at Hoofcare & Lameness, we think someone should go out to the stables behind Graceland and see if Elvis's tack is missing...

Read the complete Onion story.

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