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Saturday, March 03, 2007

AFA Convention Update: Election Results

I had to leave the AFA convention early, unfortunately, and was not able to be at the general membership meeting to hear the election results. However, someone did bolt out of the meeting to phone me the results this afternoon.

Andrew Elsbree of New York is the new president-elect, and Dick Fanguy of Louisiana is the vice president. Almost 1000 votes were cast.

The AFA voted in a bylaw change recently which did away with the office of secretary and created the office of president-elect, which is designed to train the next AFA president.

Andrew and Dick join president Dave Ferguson of Maryland and treasurer John Blombach of Massachusetts as officers. Along with past president Craig Trnka of New Mexico and Board Representative Tom Troisin of California, they will make up the AFA's Executive Committee, which governs the organization. The Board is currently made up chapter presidents and commitee chairs, and the EC answers to the Board.

Congratulations to Andrew and Dick.

Congratulations also to Jeff Hampton of Washington and Irishman Gerard Laverty, now living in British Columbia, Canada. Both passed the AFA's highest certification level, the "Therapeutic Endorsement." Both Jeff and Gerard are subscribers to Hoofcare & Lameness Journal.

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Rob Smith, Idaho said...

Fran, So good to see you at convention. I check here often to keep caught up on the latest news. Thanks, Rob