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Monday, March 26, 2007

The April issue of Smithsonian hit the newsstands today and the good news is that you can pick up a copy and enjoy a first-class article about Barbaro's struggle, written with sensitivity and intellectual curiosity by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Steve Twomey.

The even better news is that you can read the text online:

with an added interview with Twomey here:

But the images are visible only in the printed copy. If your newsstand doesn't have it, your library probably has a subscription.

Hoofcare & Lameness Journal is proud to have been a part of this article. I wish that he could have interviewed all our readers to learn just how much you all and your horses are affected by the disease of laminitis. Even though Barbaro is gone, horses continue to suffer from this horrible malady. Hopefully, having laminitis profiled in a magazine like Smithsonian will help focus more attention on the disease and the need for research.

See you at the newsstand. Save one for me!

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qq said...

Thanks for the heads up on this, Fran. And that was a nice quote from you that was included in the article.