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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dubai Horse Fair: No Nails

For the next few weeks, the eyes of the racing world will be focused on Dubai, where the World Cup races will be held on March 31. They'll feature a showdown between champions Discreet Cat and Invasor, with a purse of $6 million in that race alone. Did you know, by the way, that there's no parimutuel betting at the races in Dubai?

Once the racehorses head back to their jumbo jets, the Dubai International Horse Fair begins. It sounds like a pretty wonderful event for any continent, but what struck me is that yes, there is a vet conference (including an intriguing topic of the outbreak of glanders in UAE--wasn't that disease eradicated eons ago?) but the horse care lectures and demonstrations include one on glue-on horseshoes and one on barefoot trimming.

Not too long ago, it took trends in the horse world years to make their way around the world. Now things are the same the world over. The desert in Dubai would be a great testing ground for any shoe or trim.

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