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Monday, March 05, 2007

How to Prevent Bloated Feet, Nigeria-Style

There is a "real world" out there for racehorses who don't summer in Saratoga or loll about in the misty Kentucky bluegrass mornings.

I hope you will take a second to read this blog post from a Swedish racehorse owner in Nigeria, who actually snapped a photo of an Arabian racehorse there being deliberately "bled" to prevent "bloated feet." His or her horse is the only one at the track that is not allowed to have its blood drained into the sand.

I came across this story because it was selected from all the horse blogs and horse posts on non-horse blogs for something called the "Horse Blog Carnival." If you follow that link, you can also read all the posts--and there are some very good ones--if you have a few minutes to spare.


Patricia Barlow-Irick said...

Thanks for linking to the Horse Lovers Blog Carnival! I thought that Nigerian story was extremely interesting as well.... is "bloated feet" the same as founder? Does this story make any sense from the perspective of a farrier???? Are they feeding these horses something that would make them likely to founder?

Fran Jurga said...

Hi, I assume that "bloated feet" was the descriptive translation of laminitis/founder but who knows?

I loved Beryl Markham's stories about training racehorses in Nairobi back in the "Out of Africa" days in her memoir, "Into the West." Some things are the same the world over...and other things are very different!

The Blog Carnival is a wonderful thing, by the way. I look forward to the next one.